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Frye Billy Pull On are classic western inspired boots which have been made from the modern materials and technologies to deliver you superior comfort and long lasting wear. These boots can be used with any casual outfit to get eye-catching and super sexy looks. The premium materials used in the construction of these boots make them luxuriously rich and fantastic. The upper of these boots is made of the distressed calf shine vintage leather which gives these boots stunning looks. The upper has the seaming details on the shaft of these boots as well which magnifies the gorgeous looks to these these boots more magnificent. The upper also has the pull on tabs at the top of the shaft and stylish cuff which makes the on and off wearing of these boots easier and quicker. The interior of these boots is lined with the smooth material which delivers you ultimate comfort from all directions. This lining wicks the moisture away from the feet to keep them odorless and fresh. This lining also allows you to keep wearing these boots for hours without any fatigue or abrasion on your feet. The insole has been cushioned with the memory foam. The best thing about the memory foam is that it molds as per the shape of your feet to give you stunningly comfort and customized fit. This insole also dissipates the shocks with your each step to multiply the comfort and make your ride more comforting. These boots have the Goodyear welt construction in which the outsole and the upper are stitched together to make the bond more secure and highly durable. This construction add stunning durability to these boots and result in long lasting wear. The outsole has been made from the premium rubber and it has the heel made from the leather which features rubber lift. This outsole offers excellent traction on different types of surfaces to make your ride secure and slip free. The outsole delivers long lasting wear and excellent support. These boots have the 11 ˝ inches tall shaft with 12.5 inches of circumference. The heel is 1 ˝ inches high. These boots weigh 1 pound and 5 ounces as per size 7. You can find this style in these colors: Dark Brown Old Town, Dark Brown Leather, Chocolate Vintage Leather, Charcoal Old Town, Charcoal Full Grain and Black Stone Wash.



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Cyndi from Champaign, Illinois

My experience with FIT - I received a pair of these wonderful boots for Christmas but spent 4 days trying to figure out what size to get! My biggest question was “just how much do these give as they break in?” and I wished I could just ask someone—but knew of no one with these boots to ask. So here is MY sizing experience: I AM NOT a half-size, but I do have a pretty wide foot so I wasn’t sure if I would need to go up a size or not. My usual size is 10 so I ordered a 10 and 11. At $150 I didn’t want to make a mistake on the fit! The 10’s seemed perfect in length but were clearly on the edge of too snug across the toes and a bit on the ball of my foot. I could wiggle my toes (barely) and do an “inch-worm” (curl my toes under) but could not lift my big toe to cross over the adjacent toe. I can do these things in all my other shoes (except pumps) & boots so I was concerned. They were so snug that I worried about the pressure limiting my circulation and causing discomfort or cold feet! Feeling on the inside of the boot toe, I wasn’t convinced that there was enough room for the shearling to compact enough to allow for a looser grip on my foot. But there were NO pressure points—e.g., rubbing or direct pushing in a specific place. The 11’s, on the other hand, felt like heaven the first time I tried them on! They were clearly too long though, and my heel slipped significantly when I walked though. I tried all sorts of cushions and lifts (below the shearling foot-bed liner) under the full-foot, just the heel, etc. and came up with something that seemed to work. I also figured I could always add more if these boots really stretched a lot in breaking in.

In the end, I kept the 10’s and BOY am I glad that I did! I have worn them for about 12 hours on two occasions and I can say that they really DO loose the snugness (in a good way) for a good fit. I think Frye is VERY accurate when they suggest that they boots should be snug with no pressure points. I also ran across a suggestion in the Zappos comment board on a different leather boot that you should push your heel as far back as possible then be able to inch-worm your toes up a bit. THANK YOU for providing a forum on this kind of thing! I also think the 11’s would have been way too big, and would have been sloppy to walk in. As I said, I can’t say that I have fully broken these in and I will write more in a month or so when they are “old friends”. My current advice is: -stick with your size if you aren’t a half size unless you have an extremely wide or pudgy foot (mine are wide, but not extremely, and not at all pudgy) -if they are not really uncomfortably snug, my experience was that the shearling really will loosen up to fit your foot. It is difficult to describe--it doesn't get sloppy--just comfortable. -if you are between sizes, try different thicknesses of insoles UNDER the shearling foot-bed lining. Heel lifts may help with the heel slippage. You can find all sorts of varieties and thicknesses of insoles at most drug stores and variety stores, and if you are a work-out enthusiast, try the insoles from your work-out shoes. -finally, I wear these without socks and highly recommend it. It seems weird for us Americans, but if you can get over the concept, it is well worth it! Good luck!


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