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Frye Billy Pull On Black Stone Wash Boots


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Frye Billy Pull On Black Stone Wash Boots


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Very warm! Very comfortable and warm. I bought mine snug rather than huge (the only options since there are no half-sizes), and have ended up wearing them without socks (as recommended). Much more comfortable that way than I expected!

Pj from Hyattsville, MD

Best looking boots out there. The design is both rugged and stylish at the same time. Looks great with jeans, dressier pants and even skirts. The fleece is cozy warm and the waterproof uppers fend off dirt better than the styles that are entirely suede.


Cozy and comfy - These shoes are very warm and cozy. They feel more like slippers than like boots. They're not exactly stylish looking -- a big round toe and featureless front. They look like blind melons, whatever that might mean. They're easy to put on and take off. The only thing is, they're a bit big. They came only in whole sizes and the site said to order larger if you take a half size, which I did. The boots are a bit loose, but I kept them anyway.

Pat T from New York

These boots are amazing. You can wear them inside and outside without socks and your feet remain the same temperature. They take a week or two to break in and they conform to your foot inside, so after that it's like putting on your slippers. I love them. Very well-made. Good quality. Worth the money.


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