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Not a Snow Boot, but Good Looking - I ordered these in hopes of having a good winter boot, living in northern Wisconsin. At first, the fur inside rubbed so bad I got blisters. But that is okay, you have to endure the pain for the warmth. They look great, but they get so cold once snow gets on them. My feet freeze. Indoors my feet sweat, then when I got outdoors the seams leak. I got them waterproofed, but they are still cold. The brochure enclosed with them show models on the beach in the summer wearing them. I was hoping for a good winter boot. Unfortunately these are not it. I am sticking with my Mukluks from now on. At least they are good looking, I'll wait for warmer weather to wear these.

Lisa from northern Illinois

Love these. Also, have the ultimate and the brooks is more functional in the wet snow and rain. I am normally a size 9.5 and ordered the 9 -- it works perfectly. I receive compliments all the time. Wear it with skirts, pants. The only thing is thinner-legged pants do not fit over. My feet never get cold even when it was -20 at our cabin in northern Wisconsin. Online retailer was super; the only place I know that regularly has all the styles in stock.


This boot is wonderfully warm and comfortable. I wore them while sledding's, and they kept my feet toasty and dry. One letdown - They are supposed to be worn barefoot, but this boot turned my legs BLACK, so I have to wear socks with them.

Shveckle from Brooklyn, NY

This women's style is a little sleeker then some of their other boots. Some of the their boots are a little boxy looking and you can't tell from the picture, but this one is not. Great boot, love wearing this boot without socks, this is my greatest discover. I HATE socks and this boot makes it possible to get rid of those annoying things no matter how cold it is outside.


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