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I have 2 pairs of classic boots and recently purchases the Brooks boots. I found the classic to be more comfortable. The brooks boot felt tight around the heel (my shoe size is 6.5M and I ordered size 6M. The black dye also stained my socks. Nice looking boots but classics are more practical.

Rosie A from Concord, CA

They runs just a little big, I wear between 8 1/2 or 9 and when I ordered the size 9. It was too big. The 8 M fits just fine. I love the fact that you don't need to wear socks. I just wish that they would run wider in the calf area.


I love these . I find they get too warm if you are shopping at a mall or on your feet in not very cold weather. But, if it is very cold out, your toes will stay very warm. When Hanna Anderssen sold out of these in my size, I went straight to the most favorite online store and scooped them up.

Jessica from New York, NY

I adore these boots - I fell in love with these boots when I bought them last winter. I live in NYC and they kept me warm and dry while traipsing through the dirty snow and slush. Plus, they look fantastic.


I bought these in chocolate at Nordstrom because they were the only styles available in my size a couple of years ago. I didn't particularly like their looks but once they were on my feet I had a hard time taking them off. They have become my after ski boot, rain boot, everywhere boot. I have since bought from them several other boots and slippers. These are so sturdy and if I had to take one survival boot, I'd take these. I bought them one full size smaller than my normal size and they are perfect... no socks.


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