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Frye Jet Boot Roper are chic boots which will add elegance and ultimate style to your everyday casual outfit. These boots have the classic and vintage looks which makes them very stylish and unique. The rich materials deliver luxurious looks and the high built quality ensure long lasting wear. These boots will always give you eye-catching and fabulous looks. The upper of these boots has been made from the leather which has been brush off to make the upper very attractive and beautiful. The upper has the retro and vintage looks which catches the attention of everyone around. The pull on tab at the top allows you to slide these boots on quickly for easy and fast wearing. The interior has the lining of leather which is smooth, soft and moisture wicking. This lining absorbs the moisture from your feet to give you healthy, odorless and fresh wearing. The lining also offers comfort any allows you to walk all day long in these boots without any rashes or blisters. These boots have fully cushioned insole which molds as per the shape of your feet to offer customized fit and premium cushioning. This footbed also deliver great support and it makes your ride highly comfortable. The footbed has been covered with the leather which makes it more durable and smoother. These boots have sturdy and strong outsole made from the leather which offers slip free and secure stride on multiple terrains. This outsole also delivers long lasting wear so you can wear these boots year after year. These boots have 1 inches of heel. The shaft is 8 inches tall with 10 inches of shaft circumference. These boots weigh 1 pound and 3 ounces as per size 7.5. You can find this style in these colors: Plum Brush Off, Dark Brown Smooth Full Grain, Dark Brown Brush Off, Charcoal Brush Off and Black Smooth Full Grain.




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Wonderful- Absolutely love this shoe. It doesn't look very clunky at all! And oh so comfortable. I haven't had any problems with the shearling staining my feet. The shoe felt true to size. Jeans can fit over and in the boot.


Best Ever! I want to wear these every day and probably will. I have black, and the dye does transfer a bit to the legs, but they feel so good, I don't care. I ordered an 8 and I usually wear an 8.5 or 9 in reg. shoes, but I wouldn't want these any bigger or my heel would slip.

Brenda from Canada & Michigan

These are the best winter boots that I have ever bought. I take my dog on a 2-mile walk during the winter every day and wear these boots with nothing but a thin trouser sock. I live in an area where the temperature is quite often 25-30 degrees BELOW zero. My feet have never gotten chilled, let alone cold.


Not sure on size - I purchased the black Brooks tall and on the whole I love the shoe. I bought the tall for maximum warmth. I wish I had bought the shorter height so that I could wear them all the time with jeans. The cuffs of my jeans catch on the tops of the boots. I usually wear a size 9 shoe and the size 9 seemed too small for me so I went with the 10, which now after a few weeks a bit too big so I have to wear thick socks. Also the back of the right heels rub a bit on my foot. But the sheepskin is luxurious and I really like the classic styling of the leather. These boots seem like they will hold up well through the Winter.


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