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Frye Jillian Pull On are supple and smooth boots which will fit nicely with any outfit you may choose. These boots have very smooth appearance and their interior is also very smooth to keep your feet nice and comfortable for all day long wearing. The rich materials makes them long lasting and the top notch built quality add more durability for years of use. The upper of these boots has been made from the soft leather which offers you comfortable fit by molding as per the shape of your feet. There is a zipper closure on the side which allows you fast and effortless on and off wearing. The upper has sleek and smooth appearance which allows you to easily clean these boots and maintain the elegant looks. The interior has the lining made from the soft leather which draws the moisture off your feet to give you fresh, dry and healthy wearing. This lining creates ultra-soft environment for your feet to keep them healthy and stress free. The footbed also maintains stress free ride by absorbing shocks with your each step. This footbed has excellent cushioning which offers shocks absorption and it also multiplies the comfort level for long fatigue free wearing. These boots have leather outsole which is sturdy and very reliable. This outsole also features rubber which adds more durability to the outsole and it makes it flexible for smoother ride. The outsole maintains great grip on different types of surfaces wet and dry included to ensure non-skid and safe ride. These boots have the low profile stacked heel which ensures stability and support to make your each step balanced and controlled. This heel is 5/8 inches high. The shaft of these boots is 15 inches tall with 15 inches of circumference. These boots weigh 1 pound and 3 ounces as per size 8.5. You can find this style in these colors: Spice, Grey, Camel and Black.




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Amy from Littlestown, PA

Hooray! I finally found a pair that fit me! Big thanks for the free shipping on returns...I'm embarrassed to say how many pairs of boots I've tried in my search for the right fit. The Brooks are great boots. For me, they ran true to size and did not seem as wide as some of the other styles -- They "hug" my feet much better. Looking forward to seeing how well the shearling works to keep my toes warm. Stylish and sporty; they remind me of equestrian boots. They look great with jeans.

Robyne from Hingham, MA

If I could, I would wear these boots everywhere I go. My friend had these on at a hockey rink and said they are so warm, stylish and comfortable. I definitely agree. They are the only boots to wear for our New England winters.

Pam from Cincinnati, OH

Love this! This boot looks perfect with jeans and is more comfortable than I imagined it would be. The shearling lining was a nice surprise... both warm and dry and very comfortable with bare feet. Slipping this on without socks is a joy. You can make a quick run outside without a hassle... no laces too. The toe box is roomy and arches feel well-supported.


I wear an 8 1/2 shoe but I ordered an 8 because a friend told me that they have some give and they do. It took me a few days of wearing them before they became truly comfortable but they kept my feet toasty warm and no need for socks. Wish I had more opportunity to wear them.


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